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ADS Scaffolding are experts in chimney Scaffolds there are many types of chimney and nearly every chimney needs a bespoke solution in order to enable working on it safely unless it is a very simple repair the need to carry out any work to a high standard a chimney scaffold is a must and there are very few occasions that it would not be a health and safety requirement that scaffolding to the chimney would be the best and most cost effective answer.

Due to their design, construction and use being exposed to the elements all chimneys are going to require maintenance at some point in their life. They can be positioned at all sorts of places around the building depending on the building design and layout but are usually always at the highest point and often the hardest to obtain easy access more often than not  a chimney scaffold can be the only solution.

Works to be carried out to a chimney can be different in every situation whether it be simply fitting a cowl to prevent water ingression or improve the draw on the fire. The installation or replacement of a flue liner. Or it could be the flashings at the roof abutment have become worn or damaged and need repairing or replacing, the chimney could need re-pointing or re-rendering the flaunching could need replacing or a pot could be cracked or broken. Or heat damage could have damaged the structure beyond repair requiring the complete stack to be rebuilt or removed.


Construction of a chimney scaffold normally requires a basic tower scaffold to be erected then a framework would be built off of the tower to access the chimney usually taking the scaffold over the ridge of the roof to access the complete perimeter of the chimney stack then depending on the height of the stack more lifts would be added in order to enable safe and easy access to the whole chimney.

If you require a chimney scaffold ADS Scaffolding provide this service to both the trade and domestic market across our service area and would be pleased to provide you with a free consultation to discuss the best option and time frame for your requirements and give you a free no obligation estimate for our service.

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